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After 32 years of community service, 25 of those in Gilbert, I’ll bring the experience needed as Gilbert nears build-out to not only maintain but enhance the quality of life for our families. I’ll fight for both low taxes and pro-business environment as my top priorities. I’ll protect the unique character of Gilbert and its small town feel.

You may not know a lot about me outside my role as the President/CEO of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce for the last 23+ years. My Dad was a 25-year Army Veteran which included tours in both the Korean and Vietnam wars. He introduced us to the world and I’m so thankful for that experience. But it wasn’t always easy, I can’t count the number of times we woke up and Dad would be gone, we never knew where he was or when he would return.


Growing up we didn’t have internet or Facebook to connect with Dad when he was gone. When we got transferred to our next post, there was a good chance we’d never meet our friends again and a long-awaited letter may be the best we could hope for. After moving all my life, Gilbert has become HOME for me and my family. I value the quality of life we enjoy, the friendships, and the ability to stay engaged in the community...this is our HOME and that is why getting it right matters to me.

People have been surprised I can retire at 60 years young, it certainly wasn’t because I made big bucks running a non-profit for 32+ years. It’s because I’ve always lived below my means. I didn’t leverage myself beyond my capacity. I’ve paid off mortgages, cars, and other debts early, and I saved. I don’t have a lot but what I have is quality. I will use these same principals in my decision-making on Council. Strategic investments and planning will maintain a fantastic community and will cost taxpayers less in the long-run.

I come from a long-line of servant leaders - through church, council, school boards, non-profits and serving our country through military service. I’m proud of my extended family and I want to continue this tradition. My family has inspired me and I’ve learned each of us can make a significant difference within our community.

I hope you will join me on this journey!

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